Block Stocks will be launching an ICO for a Blockchain based Token market. Before then, the founders; Martin and Estefano will be talking to us about the Block Stocks project in this interview;

1) Could you Introduce yourselves to our audience; your names and briefly about you?

Martin: My name is Martin Wos, I am the Co-Founder & President of Block Stocks. I am a German engineer, specialized in soft & hardware, who has played a significant role as an external technical security advisor for high profile fortune 100 companies like Lufthansa, German Federal Defense Force (Deutsche Bundeswehr) and Mercedes-Benz. I am a serial entrepreneur and a successful investor in a series of ICOs and cryptocurrencies. I have also been web-developing my own complex eCommerce projects, websites, and shops with CRM systems for over 14 years. Additionally, I am an avid consultant and teacher to experienced entrepreneurs in the areas of management and leadership.

Estefano: Hi, my name is Estefano Elhawary, and I am the Co-Founder & CEO of Block Stocks. I was one of the biggest YouTube advertisers on the German market and am an award-winning direct marketing expert specialized heavily in scalable performance marketing and customer acquisition campaigns.

2) Would you like to tell us a little more about your experiences and work?

Martin: While building one of the most successful import/export businesses on the German market in various niche categories, I traveled to over 45 Countries in order to widen my entrepreneurial horizon. This included Asia which allowed me to become a true master negotiator in some of the arguably toughest business deal situations worldwide.

Estefano: While studying International Economics & Law I left university to create my first business, which was about dating psychology. It became the number 1 dating advice brand on the German market. I quickly discovered my passion for marketing psychology as it was very related; at the end of the day, it’s all about human emotions, which allows me to scale the business up heavily. After becoming a public speaker, bestselling author and winning my first marketing award I quickly discovered my passion for blockchain based business models.

3) What is Block Stocks?

Martin Wos, Co-Founder & President of Block Stocks.

Martin: Block Stocks is a small and medium-sized business ICO fund.
We are essentially a full-service provider for SMEs, allowing them to conduct its own token sale without any technical knowledge, provide legal frameworks and even connect them to investors.

Those SME tokens entitle the token holders to a percentage of revenue or profit of the SME and can be bought and exchanged on the block stocks platform.

SMEs reward the Block Stocks platform with a percentage of their tokens, which gets fully distributed to the Block Stocks token holders.

This means that just for holding Block Stock tokens our token holders will get free SME tokens as long as the platform exists.

4) How did you come up with the idea for Block Stocks and what problem is it set to solve?

Martin: Ideas are a very iterative process and its hard to track down a single event that spawned it, but one key moment was when somebody told us that in Germany alone are nearly 400.000 SMEs – and only 5-10 make it to the stock exchange each year, due to high costs and regulatory hurdles. Having had SMEs before and knowing how difficult it can be to raise capital even for great businesses, we decided to do something about it.

5) There is too much skepticism in the ICO and crypto market in general, what will make Block Stocks ICO and Coin different from the others?

Estefano Elhawary, Co-Founder & CEO of Block Stocks.

Estefano: The answer is simple: fundamental value. We are creating tokens based on real businesses, SMEs with people working hard every day.

Having a token that allows our token holders to participate in the growth of every SME that we onboard on our platform forever, for free, just for having and keeping the token, is what we believe is a truly revolutionary concept based on the fundamental business value that is absolutely unmatched in today’s environment.

6) How much do you intend to raise in the Block Stocks Token Sale and how can we invest?

Estefano: Our hard cap is at 151 Million Euro – this amount might seem high but considering we recently talked to the CFO of the Swiss Stock Exchange, having a full-blown IT Team that already deployed Blockchain based real-life application for Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and the Credit Suisse Bank, we believe it’s the right amount to build out the business in a scalable and very rewarding way for our token holders.

7) Where do you see your project in the next 5 years and what will make the Block Stocks token more valuable and profitable?

Martin: The clear goal is to onboard hundreds of valuable SMEs per month with stable cash flow and minimum annual revenues of several million per year, and to distribute their SME Tokens to the Block Stocks token holders.

At the same time, we plan to expand the business very quickly from Switzerland/Germany/Austria to countries all over the world through JV and licensing agreements, which we are already working on at this moment.

8) Estefano, you are an author of a best selling book as well as a direct response marketing strategist, what benefits will this bring to the Block stocks project?

Estefano:In the Blockchain community, everybody has often focused so much on the tech that a lot of people miss the fact that being able to build a real company and scale profitable customer acquisition is what makes or breaks a project and a company in the long term. I can’t highlight the importance of understanding direct marketing is not only running a company but especially in creating real-world value for token holders – especially as we want to be classified as a security in order to handsomely reward our initial believers and backers.

9) Martin, you were a Security Advisor for high profile Fortune 100 Companies, is this any different from managing the compliance, safety and security concerns of crypto projects?

Martin:What many do not realize is that in the financial sector security is much lower than in industry. Because I am aware of security, it is a personal concern for me to integrate the standards of the industry in our area, especially because the crypto scene is so young and inexperienced. The Blockchain technique brings an incredibly safe option, but the applications on it are still often too unsafe. So if you compare the High Profile Fortune 100 Companies with crypto projects, and we take a look at security issues and protection against hacker attacks and vulnerabilities, the redundancy of servers, etc. you can find many similarities here, yes.

10) Do you have more information for our readers?

Martin: I would be glad if the readers would subscribe to our newsletter, then they will receive updates from our project. Just visit the website


Block Stocks Swiss AG ( offers a highly automated all-in-one Security Token Sale platform for Startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) – one of the most profitable investments in the financial history. This fundraising platform is powered by the Block Stocks Tokens offering unique revenue streams for the Token Holders, who will own the share of each Startup or SME that will ever raise capital on the Block Stocks Platform. 


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