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I am a skilled German Engineer, specialized on Soft & Hardware who has played a significant role as an External Technical Security Advisor for High Profile Fortune 100 Companies like Lufthansa, German Federal Defense Force, Mercedes-Benz, Top German Banks, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Miro & many more.

I have made my MBA in the focus of International Strategy + Sales Management & International Entrepreneurship...


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Will The Lightning Network Drive Mainstream Cryptocurrency Adoption?

Will The Lightning Network Drive Mainstream Cryptocurrency Adoption?

Lightning Network technology could solve Bitcoin's scalability problems The technology has been implemented by additional alt-currencies But questions of economic feasibility and user privacy protection remain For those who've grown disenchanted with Bitcoin and its...

Wie die Blockchain die Welt verändert

Wie die Blockchain die Welt verändert

In den aktuellen Mainstream Medien sind nun auch Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin angekommen. Es folgen Berichterstattungen über Hackerangriffe auf Börsen, explodierende Kosten für Grafikkarten und Stromkosten durch das Mining, neue Rekorde von eingesammelten Kapital von Blockchain Startups und Warnungen vor Investments in diesem Bereich. Was viele aber nicht betrachten ist, was eigentlich hinter all dem steckt, das Bitcoin nicht gleich Blockchain ist, sondern sich dahinter eine Revolution verbirgt, die unsere Welt verändern wird.

Block Stocks Wins d10e Competition in Malta

Block Stocks Wins d10e Competition in Malta

This summer got off to a great start as Block Stocks took home first place honors from the d10e conference held in Malta on May 20–22nd. It was the 22nd edition of the world famous d10e ICO competition, and the first ever edition in Malta. Founders Estefano Elhawary...

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